Ubuntu: Trying to get 2560x1440 resolution


1I have this motherboard and this monitor.

It is supposed I could get 2560x1440 resolution using HDMI 1.4, but i don't know how..

NOTE 1: I have a HDMI cable and a DVI-HDMI adapter, I don't know if they support HDMI 1.4 or not..how can i know it? is maybe that the problem?

Any help?

Ubuntu 12.10

EDIT after Hennes' comment and answer: I have just bought a HDMI to DVI-D (Dual link), and have run this:

xrandr | grep maximum &  sleep 2  gtf 2560 1440 60.0 &  sleep 2  xrandr --newmode "2560x1440_60.00" 311.83  2560 2744 3024 3488  1440 1441 1444 1490  -HSync +Vsync &  sleep 2  xrandr --addmode HDMI2 2560x1440_60.00 &  sleep 2  xrandr --output HDMI2 --mode 2560x1440_60.00 &  exit 0  

Then I get 2560x1440 but I get this output and everything is pixelated like in the image of the first question of this thread:

Screen 0: minimum 320 x 200, current 2560 x 1440, maximum 8192 x 8192      # 2560x1440 @ 60.00 Hz (GTF) hsync: 89.40 kHz; pclk: 311.83 MHz    Modeline "2560x1440_60.00"  311.83  2560 2744 3024 3488  1440 1441 1444 1490  -HSync +Vsync    X Error of failed request:  BadName (named color or font does not exist)    Major opcode of failed request:  140 (RANDR)    Minor opcode of failed request:  16 (RRCreateMode)    Serial number of failed request:  38    Current serial number in output stream:  38  

Note 1: The last five lines are not shown if i run the script in default Ubuntu desktop environment instead of on xfce.

Note 2: The Display manager tag my monitor as "Samsung Electric Company 24" instead of 27.



In a chain of cables and connectors you are limited to the lowest bandwidth of the lowestpart.

In the case of DVI single link that bandwidth means a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1200 at 60 Hz.

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