Ubuntu: Trouble on installing, getopt file missing


total noob here, but my work requires me working on ubuntu. I'm trying to install a program, but this is what's popping up.

$sudo perl Makefile.PL  Warning: prerequisite Getopt::ArgvFile 1.11 not found.  Warning: prerequisite XML::DOM 1.44 not found.  Writing Makefile for umph  Writing MYMETA.yml  $   

Having a little trouble understanding the "INSTALL" file as well. It just lists this:



  • Perl 5.10.1+
  • Getopt::ArgvFile
  • XML::DOM


  • Umph::Prompt
    for --interactive

Additionally, to install:

  • ExtUtils::MakeMaker



Uninstall earlier versions of umph if you have any installed.

Typical installation

To install:

  perl Makefile.PL    make    make install  
  • Note that you can specify install prefix with INSTALL_BASE e.g. perl Makefile.PL INSTALL_BASE=/usr/local

Any help would be great, thanks!



sudo perl Makefile.PL  Warning: prerequisite Getopt::ArgvFile 1.11 not found.  

is related to this:

Required        Getopt::ArgvFile   

You need to install Getopt 1st (and all of its dependencies).

The weird thing... Getopt belongs to the core utils.

Check if this works:

#!/usr/bin/perl    use Getopt::Std;  

save it as filename.pl and do

perl -wc filename.pl  

It should not error out. If is does check where Getopts is installed or you can add Getopt like this:

perl -e shell -MCPAN  cpan>install Getopt::Std  

Finaly I would try to file a bug or leave a comment for the creator or maintainer of that program.


While Getopt is the part of perl core, Getopt::ArgvFile is not. You should install Getopt::ArgvFile separately.

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