Ubuntu: tar - command different to 10 years ago?


With this question am asking "old rabbits" of Ubuntu resp. of Debian.

Am puzzled by the "newer" use of command tar - I know that 10 years ago it was possible to tar a file to 1/3 of size or even less ! simply by this :

tar -zcf filename.tgz filename.extension .

( important is point at end after space ! - this was compressing very strong.)

Now point has no effect any more - instead it has effect of compressing all given files in the current directory together to one bundle ?

Today I only can use tar like this :

tar -zcf filename.tgz filename.extension

( without space and without point ) - this way the file is only compressed slightly to 2/3 of size ?!

Am I doing something wrong - or has the old feature with tar-command been forgotten about this feature with point after space ?!


  1. Such a syntax has never been documented with GNU tar.

  2. It would have break compatibility with the established de facto tar standard.

Given both of these points, my best guess is either you are confusing this with something else or you were using a customized tar version / wrapper.

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