Ubuntu: System shutdown stopped working


Since last week shutdown has stopped working in my system. Either i use the shutdown menu in Unity/LightDM or use sudo shutdown -h now the system just locks, and i can't either use Alt+reisub. Only a hard shutdown works.

If i shutdown from a tty, this is the last output i get before the system freezes:

umount: /run/lock: not munted  umount: /run/shm: not mounted  mount: / is busy  * Will now halt  [...] Power down.  

After this the disk usage led turns on and i can't do anything else.

What could be the problem?

What i have tried

  • set acpi=force in GRUB doesn't help;
  • check for errors in the shutdown process: i get any error at all during shutdown, except the lines stated on top;
  • acpid is installed.
  • reboot/suspend works just fine!


As seen here i get some warnings regarding ACPI in /var/log/boot.log.


The problem is a bug, and it is caused by no just one service, but a set of these, see this tread for further information.

Most likely dnsmasq, dhclient, modem-manager and network-manager are the involved services.


Simple solution that worked for me

Before shutting down, click on network icon on the top system tray and uncheck "Enable Networking".

PS. I'm a linux noob. Discovered this trick from this thread.

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