Ubuntu: spidev control using external hardware requirements


I have been playing with SPI inputs using RPI. This device give me spidev0,0 and spidev0,1, if I do a ls /dev and I can connect electronics to the header pins via a 3008 slave ic.

I would like to also add a SPI device to my installation of Ubuntu 12.04LTS is this possible ?

What device would be required ? (I guess a USB to SPI)

Would this board then give me spidev0,0 and spidev0,1 (via ls /dev) the same as the RPI so I can control the SPI with Python (as I do now and the same way I do now just externally plugged into my PC)?


You can get fairly expensive devices like this, and cheaper ones like this. The latter apparently has Linux drivers.

More advanced kits like this, which does I2C (also on the Pi) as well, and has other interesting things like Infrared stuff. It has Linux drivers on the page.

SPI-to-USB chips such as this are available, but you would need to solder on the connectors etc.

You may find this and this interesting as well, and this app may be of use.

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