Ubuntu: Some funny directories appeared in my home folder!


I've recently installed Ubuntu Sever 12.04, and I've been having trouble with audio, and have been installing software to fix it.

However, after rebooting my computer in (a futile) attempt at getting volumeicon to work, I've found that my home directory has been populated with some directories that I am pretty sure I haven't created myself, and wasn't there when I freshly installed it. Namely, they are Desktop, Public, Videos, Documents, Music, Downloads, Pictures, and Templates.

How did these directories get there? Is it something I installed?


Those are part of the desktop installation. The desktop home looks like this:

enter image description here

Old image from the web. The www and node directories are extra in the image

Some extra information that might help pin point where it came from. The directories created are probably from

cat /etc/xdg/user-dirs.defaults

# Default settings for user directories  #  # The values are relative pathnames from the home directory and  # will be translated on a per-path-element basis into the users locale  DESKTOP=Desktop  DOWNLOAD=Downloads  TEMPLATES=Templates  PUBLICSHARE=Public  DOCUMENTS=Documents  MUSIC=Music  PICTURES=Pictures  VIDEOS=Videos  # Another alternative is:  #MUSIC=Documents/Music  #PICTURES=Documents/Pictures  #VIDEOS=Documents/Videos  

More info on freedesktop.org

Unless you actually installed gnome desktop on that server (but I bet you'd remember that) you might have touched a package with xdg in the name.


These are always present in any Ubuntu installation. Nothing to worry about.


Are these folders actually directly in the /home directory? or in /home/"Username" directory? If they're under your /home/"Username" directory these are default folders that are installed with every distro.

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