Ubuntu: Software selection screen in Ubuntu installer


While installing Ubuntu 12.04, I am asked to choose whether to install these predefined collections of software, which are displayed in this screen:

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I am just interested in having a standard Ubuntu 12.04 desktop (possibly running Unity). I do not have disk space issues, so it wouldn't be a problem to install something I don't need if it will simplify the installation.

Could you suggest me what software I should select?

I already tried this installation before. After the completion of the installation, I am only shown a terminal, but not the login GUI. In case I am shown the terminal again, could you suggest what commands I should run?


List of software options:

  • ...
  • Basic Ubuntu server
  • openSSH server
  • ...
  • Openstack
  • ...
  • Edubuntu desktop
  • Kubuntu desktop
  • Kubuntu full
  • LadSPA/LV2/DSSI audio plugins
  • large selection of font packages
  • Lubuntu minimal installation
  • Mythbuntu additional roles
  • Mythbuntu frontend
  • Mythbuntu master backend
  • Mythbuntu slave backend
  • Tone generation and editing suite
  • Ubuntu LXDE desktop
  • Ubuntu desktop
  • Ubuntu dektio USB
  • Video creation and editing suite
  • Xubuntu desktop
  • Manual package selection


Choose Kubuntu desktop or Ubuntu desktop package from the software list and then press continue.

You will be presented with a GUI login screen.

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