Ubuntu: Simulate Enter Press in a Screen


I have successfully run command

screen -S Run -X stuff 'stop'`echo -ne '\015'`   

in the terminal and had screen Run receive the stop command and then receive the simulated enter press. This results in the program running in that screen terminating. However when I try to make a script which looks like this

#!/bin/sh    screen -S Run -X stuff 'stop'`echo -ne '\015'`  

the screen revives the text

-X: stuff: invalid option stop-ne  

I would like to know what is wrong with my script and how to correct it so screen Run receives the stop command and then receives an enter press


The sh version of echo does not support options.

Change your script to be run with Bash like so:

#!/bin/bash  screen -S Run -X stuff 'stop'"$(echo -ne '\015')"  

Alternatively, just put a literal newline in the string instead of relying on echo:

#!/bin/sh  screen -S Run -X stuff 'stop  '  



screen -S Run -X stuff 'stop^M'  

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