Ubuntu: Should I allow kernel updates?


I am using Ubuntu 12.04 and the update manager appears daily with updates. I am ok with other updates but I want to know about Linux Kernel updates: Should I update to new versions, and why?


You can install any kernel you want. There is no problem on using one or multiple Kernels at a time. But sometime you should consider the Kernel Mapping to your Ubuntu Version. For example following link lists out the mapping of different kernel to different version of OS:

Ubuntu to Mainline kernel version mapping

You can get a complete information of Kernel installing/removing from following link.

Kernel Mainline Builds

It helped me a lot to install a new kernel in Ubuntu 12.04.2. Now I can chose any kernel 3.5.0 or 3.8.0 from grub menu.

Following link illustrates how Ubuntu 12.04 LTS works actually. It illustates in very nice way, you would also like:

Ubuntu LTS Enablement Stack

Hope this short description helps you.


The kernel manages the hardware of every Linux system and makes it available to the various processes.

Updating to a new Kernel keeps you up-to-date with Security Patches, Stability Improvements, Updated Drivers, and New Kernel Functions.


If you don't want something specifically from a newer Kernel, probably don't need to update. 99% of the time auto update is all you really need (unless you are fixing a particular problem).

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