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I would like to search for a file with GUI. I have 2 files :

/world/europe/georgia_and-its_capital-tbilisi.info  /world/north_americas/usa/georgia_state_capital.info ;  

A search for:

find /world -name "*gia*capit*"  

-- brings up the two files.

How to conduct this search with Nautilus' search or any alternate suggestion? I use Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. And Applications | Search is not available on it.


  • You need Synaptic package manager to be installed.
  • Within Synaptic type gnome-search in little quick search window.
  • Then navigate to gnome-search-tool, select it for installation and install. That's it.


If you want to find a file in your file system, I suggest you to use "Catfish file search". You can also use advanced settings, like file type, modified time and "special characters" like * or ?, as you mentioned in your question (*gia*capit*).

Catfish is a search GUI powered by locate and find behind the scenes, with autocompletion from Zeitgeist and locate.The interface is intentionally lightweight and simple, using only GTK+.

You can install it from the universe/utils repository using:

Command line:

sudo apt-get install catfish

Ubuntu Software Center:



AFAIKT Ubuntu Dash does not suggest files outside of your Home.

  • For all files in your home, use Meta-f rt-of-fil to find a file with name part-of-file. Where Meta, is your Windows-key, most probably.
  • For everything else, you could use find, but if you want a GUI install gnome desktop helpers, it includes a gnome-search-tool, which is a GUI around find.


Gnome Do is a pretty good tool. And with its plugins you can customise the directories/files you want to scan to a high degree.


Just use the "Search for Files" facility within Nautilus, under the GO menu.. works beautifully

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