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I'm new to linux and the terminal. As I learn how to use the terminal to navigate through directories, I like to use the gui file explorer to mirror my terminal navigation. The icons and file extension info in the gui file explorer help me figure out what everything is. However, I can't access the root folder via the gui, I can only access it via the terminal. Is there a way to enable access to the root folder outside of the terminal?


Try one of the below commands,

gksu nautilus  


sudo -i nautilus  

It is an GUI way of navigating through directories with root access.


From terminal so from terminal you can do it with the command

gksu nautilus  

This will prompt you to password. Enter your sudoer user password and this will open the root home directory.

If you want to open a specific path as root

gksu nautilus /path-you-want  

EDIT: You can also install Open-as-Administrator in Ubuntu open Terminal (Press Ctrl+Alt+T) and copy the following commands in the terminal:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:noobslab/apps    sudo apt-get update    sudo apt-get install open-as-administrator  

After installation type this command to restart Nautilus:

nautilus -q  

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and now you can open any directory with root permissions



Open terminal and type

sudo nautilus  

Enter your password and voila it works.


In terminal type "gksu nautilus".

(the gksu command can be used instead of sudo when wishing to run gui apps as root, though you should be cautious about what apps you run as root).


In terminal type "sudo -i" then "nautilus".

(works, but you will recieve some errors, and it's not a good idea as gui applications should use gksu)


In terminal type "sudo nautilus".

(works, but you will recieve some errors, and it's not a good idea as gui applications should use gksu)


The simplest one I know is, killall nautilus; sudo nautilus

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