Ubuntu: Repair a corrupted iPod shuffle


I have a iPod shuffle 4th Generation 2GB. I wanted to format it and I run this command:

rm -rf /media/IPOD/* /media/IPOD/.*  

that removed anything from it.

Then I ejected my iPod from the computer, and inserted it again.

I tried Amarok, Gtkpod and Noise to reinitialize it...

Noise ouputs this in terminal:

[_LOG_LEVEL_FATAL 20:02:48.209188] iPodDevice.vala:62: Error parsing db at file:///media/IPOD: Couldn't find an iPod database on /media/IPOD.  [_LOG_LEVEL_FATAL 20:02:48.209274] Music will not function properly.  

while Amarok says "iPod was not initialized: failed to initialize the iPod" outputting this in the terminal:

QDir::mkdir: Empty or null file name(s)  X Error: BadWindow (invalid Window parameter) 3    Major opcode: 20 (X_GetProperty)    Resource id:  0x3400192  

I don't care if I lose any iPod songs (what songs if I formated it?). I want to repair it and to use it under Ubuntu.

How can I do this?

When I start my iPod I hear a voice in the headphones: "Please use iTunes to sync music with this iPod."


I installed the latest release of Amarok (2.8) and I started it.

I inserted my iPod in the computer and I mounted it. A popup window from Amarok appeared and I clicked Initialize button.

It didn't output any error.

To copy music in my iPod I used Banshee (sudo apt-get install banshee). After that I heard the same message in my iPod: "Please use iTunes to sync music with this iPod.".

I installed Gtkpod (sudo apt-get install gtkpod) and I inserted and mounted my iPod. It appeared in the Gtkpod application.

I clicked Normalize item from the right click menu. I saved the settings and I ejected the iPod from the computer.

Result? My iPod works fine again!


You can use it under Ubuntu but fixing it will probably require a system where you can use iTunes. From an Ubuntu point of view that would be Wine with iTunes installed in it as shown here Run iTunes without virtualizing Windows?. Since iTunes will (re)create your database but software from other operating system are more than likely only able to use the device.

Another option would be to get a hold of a Mac, run iTunes and have it fixed and then go back to Ubuntu to store music.

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