Ubuntu: Removing files that don't end with -out


How would I delete all files in a directory and its subdirectories that do not end with -out? For instance delete foo.bar but do not delete foo-out.bar.


I have tried

for a_file in $(find .  ! -name '*-out*'); do rm  $a_file; done;  

But this script doesn't incorporate spaces. How would I fix that?


How about using the find command's built-in -delete action? that should be whitespace safe

find . ! -name '*-out*' -type f -delete  

Otherwise, you could do a null-terminated while loop - make sure you quote the filename variable as well

while read -rd $'\0' f; do rm "$f"; done < <(find . ! -name '*-out*' -type f -print0)  


In addition to the answer.

You don't have to use a for loop. find provides -exec and -delete.

A quick test

cd `mktemp -d`  touch {1..9}\ -out{a..c}  $ find . -name '*-out*'  ./2 -outb  ./8 -outb  ./9 -outa  ./4 -outc  ./6 -outb  ./5 -outc  ./7 -outb  ./9 -outb  ./2 -outa  ./4 -outa  ./8 -outc  ./8 -outa  ./7 -outc  ./3 -outb  ./6 -outa  ./3 -outa  ./1 -outb  ./9 -outc  ./1 -outa  ./5 -outa  ./4 -outb  ./3 -outc  ./1 -outc  ./5 -outb  ./2 -outc  ./7 -outa  ./6 -outc  

It works with spaces.

What you need is:

find . ! -name '*-out*' -exec rm -f {} \;

A safer alternative: find . -name '*-out*' -exec rm -i {} \;

NOTE: use -exec rm -i {} \; to confirm deletion.

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