Ubuntu: Remove window title / window decorations in Gnome 3.10


Is it possible to hide window decorations or at least the title bar in Gnome 3.10? I found an extension called "Maximus", but when I try to install it (and Gnome asks whether I want to download it and install), nothing happens.


Sorry but that's not possible with Gnome 3. The extension Maximus doesn't work with latest versions of Gnome either. The only way is switching DE for another with offers you that alternative.


If you are using Gnome 3 and you want to modify all this aspects, check this site:


It's the official Gnome webpage for extensions. Just click "ON/OFF" to activate one and the Gnome desktop recognizes it and automatically installs and active it. Too easy!!! (If you want to activate/desactite them before and check the extensions config, open the "gnome-tweak-tool" and check the "Extensions" tab)

BUT..... If you are looking for an "Maximus" or similar extension, there aren't extensions like compatible with 3.8 and 3.10. Just edit the theme like this page:


It works for me!!! Remember search for "frame_geometry name="max"" exactly and add/modify this values. WARNING! On 3.10 there's a value with a comment that says it's better put 1 instead 0. Put 1 (if you put 0 there's no problem too, but comments are for something...)

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