Ubuntu: Problem in creating all default directories while adding a new user account in Ubuntu 12.04?


I am facing a bizarre problem recently in Ubuntu 12.04 while adding a new user. User adding command such as useradd -d /home/username -s /bin/bash -m username in the terminal only creates a example-ubuntu folder in the user's home but not the Downloads, Documents, Pictures, Music, etc.

Note that just before this, I had a problem with "login" probably due to interrupted ubuntu updating. So, I fixed the problem by:

  1. re-installing "ubuntu-desktop"
  2. re-configuring "lightdm"
  3. installing "unity and unity-2d" by searching Ubuntu blogs. Now login problem is fixed, but useradd is not.

So, I would really appreciate any help in this matter if anyone knows.



sudo adduser <username>  

Try that instead of useradd.

Make sure it's on

sudo sed -i s/enabled=False/enabled=True/g /etc/xdg/user-dirs.conf  

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