Ubuntu: Printing and PDF-export from LibreOffice: SVG images get rasterized in very bad resolution


I'd like to print and export (to pdf) a document written in LibreOffice Writer which contains SVG figures. On the screen, LibreOffice displays and scales them correctly, but for PDF export (which should support vector graphics natively) and printing (to a postscript printer) the SVGs get rasterized (facepalm) at a very low resolution. I have tried to enable "reduce bitmap resolution" and set it to 600 dpi, hoping that telling LO a definite number for the resolution might help, but there's no change.

How do I tell LibreOffice to export and print scalable vector graphics as vector graphics or at least to rasterize them at a usable resolution?

Here's a screenshot of LibreOffice Writer (zoom level 400%): SVG in LibreOffice Writer

This is a screenshot of the pdf exported by LibreOffice Writer (again 400% zoom level): SVG in the PDF exported by LO-Writer

When printed from LO, the graphics looks just like in the pdf.


It's a bug. The solution is to either export SVG to EPS first (then the vector graphics will be kept, and not rasterized), or convert to a high resolution PNG before embedding in LibreOffice. See also comment #16 in the above thread.

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