Ubuntu: Popper Email Notifier not working


Using Maverick 64bit

I downloaded Popper Email Notifier today. Installed it from the v023 deb.

I configured it, and the TEST tab shows I configured everything properly. I can't get Popper to appear in the notification menu. I have restarted gnome-pannel, restarted my computer, reinstalled the app. No luck. I checked the /usr/share/indicators/messages/applications/ folder, and there's only the defaults there.

Anyone know how to fix this? Even if someone knows what file I can drop into that folder to make it work that'd be great.

Edit: I wonder if it's because I removed the evolution-indicator package?



I'm the developer of Popper. From what you are writing I see that there must be an issue with your indicator menu configuration. Maybe you removed too much when you removed the evolution-indicator package. Please test the following:

Go to: http://forum.ubuntuusers.de/topic/allgemeiner-email-benachrichtiger/43/ There is a test script (indi.py) and a desktop file (popper.desktop) at the bottom of the page. Download both and store it in a temporary directory, e.g.: /home/user/test

Open a terminal, go to this directory and run: python indi.py

Now you should see a new entry in your indicator menu with numbers counting up every 5 seconds. If you don't see the entry in your indicator menu, you have an issue with the indicator menu and not with Popper. If you see the entry, it is a Popper issue.

Anyway, please do the test and come back with the results in: launchpad.net/popper


  • Open .popper folder located in your home directory($HOME)
  • Open popper.cfg file
  • Removing the Archived folder for Gmail in popper.cfg worked for me.

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