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I have seen that I can control the speed of vlc by using the keyboard shortcuts +/-. It works to play the movie slower with [-], but I can't get it to play faster than 1.00x with the [+] keyboard shortcut. This is with vlc run as cvlc file.mkv version 2.0.3-0ubuntu0 under Ubuntu 12.04 x86.

I am doing this on a laptop, so the only '+' sign I have is in the [+/=] key.

Any ideas?


Use the square brackets keys.

  • [ for decrease speed by 0.1x increments
  • ] for increase speed by 0.1x increments

These keys also allow moving above the 1.0x speed, unlike +/- keys.


  • Try the + key on the numeric keypad. This seems to increase the playback rate by 0.5. I found this out by trying every key on my keyboard :) (- slows the playback rate.)
  • Try the = key. This seems to increase the playback rate by 0.1. Note that cvlc seems to assume a QWERTY keyboard layout, regardless of your choice of keyboard layout.
  • On Ubuntu 11.10, there is a config file for vlc located at ~/.config/vlc/vlcrc. Search for

    # Faster (fine) (key)  # key-rate-faster-fine=]  

    and / or

    # Faster (key)  # key-faster=+  

    Uncomment the second line by removing the # sign, and (if you desire) change the key. For example,

       # Faster (key)     key-faster=0  


Hotkeys map http://openclipart.org/detail/171818/keyboard-mappings-for-clvc-by-todd-partridge---gen2ly-171818

Official documentation: https://wiki.videolan.org/Hotkeys_table/


You are expected to use square brackets. They are usually found under the - and + key on the keyboard.

[ - For decreasing the speed of video

] - For increasing the speed


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