Ubuntu: Pidgin icon not showing up in system tray


I uninstalled indicator-messages because I'd rather have separate icons for my programs. The problem I have now is that pidgin icon won't show up (while others do, like empathy, skype and so on). Or to be more precise, it shows up but is transparent:

Invisible pidgin icon spotted!

When I use the main launcher and there is the dark effect on the top bar, here is how it looks (black square):

enter image description here

To summarize where I'm at with the packages, I've uninstalled:

  • indicator-messages
  • indicator-status-provider-mc5
  • indicator-status-provider-pidgin

And systray whitelist is set to ['all'] already.


Remove the pidgin status provider:

sudo apt-get remove indicator-status-provider-pidgin  

Then restart Pidgin and it's icon should show up. If it does not, then just make sure to double check that you have Pidgin's tray icon enabled in its preferences (in case this option was disabled when you had the indicator installed).

To be completely certain (now I noticed that the icon is there but transparent), check the following:

  • Ensure that you are using the default icon theme in pidgin.
  • Try using one of the default Ubuntu icon themes if you are not already.


If you can get back to the original transparent icon I suggest that you try changing your theme, as follows:

  1. Select the gear in the top right of your screen
  2. Choose "Appearance"
  3. On the default "Look" tab, toward the bottom, is a place to select an alternate theme.

I've seen a case where a program was using an icon without sufficient contrast with the chosen theme and the problem was eliminated by using a different theme, and therefore a different top panel background color.

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