Ubuntu: Pendrive capacity decreased after installing ubuntu on it


My USB capacity is 8 GB . It shows 700 MB in disk management. It show 7 GB free space. I am not able to add it.


Even though your pen-drive is sold as having 8gb, you won't have access to all of it. The advertised memory is never the actual memory. Some of the space is required for memory allocation.

Also, from what I understand from your question, your pen-drive has 700mb in it and 7gb free? That means you've access to 7.7gb. It's pretty good imo.


Yes no pen drive in the world will have full access to its memory. If it is a 8gb pendrive it will have the full capacity at laboratory level only. So your pendrive is showing its full capacity based on the conditions out side the laboratory. Ans so this is not a problem at all.

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