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Hopefully, I didn't miss this being asked by someone else, but I have an ntfs mount that gets locked up after I suspend my laptop. Maybe it's because the wifi has to reconnect after starting up again? But, even then if I try to umount and mount the drive it's still locked up. I'm not sure where to even start looking into this one. Anyone have some recommendations?


This could be with the way you're mounting the share, you should perhaps try mounting it with the soft parameter on your laptop and see if that helps (update your question if it doesn't):

   soft / hard    Determines the recovery behavior of the NFS client after                    an   NFS  request  times  out.   If  neither  option  is                    specified (or if the  hard  option  is  specified),  NFS                    requests  are  retried indefinitely.  If the soft option                    is specified, then the NFS client fails an  NFS  request                    after  retrans  retransmissions  have been sent, causing                    the NFS  client  to  return  an  error  to  the  calling                    application.                      NB:  A  so-called  "soft"  timeout can cause silent data                    corruption in certain  cases.  As  such,  use  the  soft                    option only when client responsiveness is more important                    than data integrity.  Using NFS over TCP  or  increasing                    the value of the retrans option may mitigate some of the                    risks of using the soft option.  

The NFS Faq on sourceforge recommends using intr along with hard though, but I can't find a datestamp for the relevancy of this recommendation:


If a file request fails, the NFS client will report an error to the process on the client machine requesting the file access. Some programs can handle this with composure, most won't. We do not recommend using this setting; it is a recipe for corrupted files and lost data. You should especially not use this for mail disks --- if you value your mail, that is.


The program accessing a file on a NFS mounted file system will hang when the server crashes. The process cannot be interrupted or killed (except by a "sure kill") unless you also specify intr. When the NFS server is back online the program will continue undisturbed from where it was. We recommend using hard,intr on all NFS mounted file systems.

I personally use soft but I'm not doing a bunch of writing to the NFS server, I mostly use it as a client to consume things and don't touch the data much. YMMV, it's probably wise to try intr with hard first and see if that solves the problem.

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