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How to remove Ubuntu and put Windows back on?

I want to install Windows to my computer. However, Windows needs NTFS -filesystem for hard disk.

I want to replace Ubuntu with Windows. How do I do that, because Ubuntu doesn't use NTFS, and Windows installation requires it.


You can format the hard drive as NTFS using an Ubuntu Live CD or USB.

Simply boot the Ubuntu disc and select 'Try Ubuntu'.
When you reach the desktop open Gparted or Disc Utility and format the hard disk as NTFS.


The formatting to NTFS can be done when you install Windows (I assume 7 or 8) from install media. See this link for details http://www.avoiderrors.net/how-to-format-and-reinstall-windows-7/


Understanding that Ubuntu is already installed in the computer and if you don't wish to keep both Ubuntu and Windows (Dual Boot) Simply start the Windows Installation and format the whole disk in order to install.

Windows will list the partitions as "Unrecognized" and allow you to remove them if unwanted. After which you can choose whether to partition or not the hard disk drive in order to install. If you choose not to partition the disk, the whole disk will be used for the Windows Installation.

Make sure to backup whatever data you already have in Ubuntu before to remove the partitions.

Good luck!

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