Ubuntu: Notification and indicator applets in Gnome Classic


I am running a GUI-enabled Ubuntu 11.10 Server installation using Gnome Classic. I have just one panel which has the following items:

Power button
A few launchers
Workspace switcher
Notification area

My problem is that the notification area, which I want there for background services icons (SpiderOak etc) also includes a Volume Control and a Microphone Volume Control icon, neither or which is required. How do I get rid of these?

I have searched around and found some references to an Indicator Applet, which appears to be different from the Notification Area applet, but I don't find it in the list of options to add to my panel when I Win-Alt-Right-Click the panel. Not sure if I should be trying to install that rather than Notification Area?


By default only 'indicator-applet-complete' is available in the new gnome, but you can install more tailored indicator applets:

sudo apt-get install indicator-applet indicator-applet-session  

Perhaps these can give you what you want.

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