Ubuntu: Not able to connect to internet on Ubuntu


I have a dual boot on my PC.
I can access Internet through Windows but cannot do it through Ubuntu.

I was able to connect to Internet on both OSses till some days ago, when my brother reset my router(or modem,I don't know) to factory settings and internet stopped working on both OSses. After some tweaking the setting in the DSL setting page in windows(, It started working properly without having to connect manually through the network dialog.

But it still isn't working on Ubuntu 12.04 . And additionally, I can't open the settings page from Ubuntu but in Windows it opens up perfectly.

In ubuntu I tried doing sudo pppoeconf but it said that it cannot detect access concentrator on eth0.

Please help me connect to the Internet in Ubuntu


I just followed these instructions and got rid of pppoeconf settings, and made Ubuntu use DHCP instead of trying to connect.

sudo rm /etc/ppp/peers/dsl-provider  

Then edit /etc/network/interfaces to remove the section that defines dsl-provider, and change

auto eth0  iface eth0 inet manual  


auto eth0  iface eth0 inet dhcp  

Now it works :)


that sounds as if ur ubuntu config isnt hooked up by the router at all. u could verify that by trying to ping ur router.

If u "tweaked the settings" of the router, what exactly did u do ? i assume u may have set the DHCP server to manual which would mean that u have simply to give ur ubuntu machine a static ip OR u just enable DHCP SERVER in ur routers config again.

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