Ubuntu: No keyboard layout switch after reboot


Since the "Applications -> Settings -> XFCE Settings Manager -> Keyboard" dialogue does not allow to assign a new key for the "Change keyboard layout" action, I have added a "Keyboard layouts" plugin to the upper panel (near the clock).

It lets me to assign Caps Lock to the change layout action.

But unfortunately, each time after I reboot, the following happens:

  • the "keyboard layouts" applet disappears from the upper panel;
  • I can not use Caps Lock to change the layouts on the keyboard anymore.

How can it be fixed?

P.S. My system is Xubuntu 10.04 LTS, 2.6.32-40-generic


  1. Settings Manager - Keyboard - Layout. Uncheck "Use system defaults".
  2. http://ubuntu.sabza.org/2006/10/13/xubuntu-easily-switch-keyboard-layout/


I worked around this problem by changing the System Default Keyboard. This works on a single-user system (or system where everyone will use the same keyboard) just fine.

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