Ubuntu: Netbeans shows only blank window


I am not able to launch Netbeans. When I launch it for the first time I normally get the netbeans splash screen, but after that nothing happens. netbeans splash screen

When I try to launch it again, a small blank window appears.

small blank window

I am able to enlarge the window, but it is completely blank.

enlarged window

I am using openjdk-6.

Any ideas? As far as I remember this didn't come after some update/new install or whatever. Netbeans worked perfectly, but then all from the sudden...


When run in terminal:

  • When run for the first time:

$ /opt/netbeans-7.1.2/bin/netbeans

10.6.2012 19:00:26 org.openide.filesystems.FileUtil normalizeFileImpl

WARNING: FileUtil.normalizeFile(/home/tomas/.netbeans/7.1.2) took 569 ms. Result is /home/tomas/.netbeans/7.1.2

Then it just hangs. It doesn't quit, it just stays. If I exit (Ctrl+C) and start over again, I get the splash screen, but then again it hangs.

  • When run again, while another instance is running:

    No output in terminal - just the blank screen.


Though this is not the "clean" answer, I managed to launch it. This is how I did it:

  • I moved the ~/.netbeans/7.1.2/ folder somewhere else. For example mv .netbeans/7.1.2/ .netbeans/7.1.2x/.
  • I launched the NetBeans, the program asked me, if I want to import my old settings (I've had older versions of netbeans on my computer).

All my settings were as well on the older version, so I didn't lose my settings and the app is working!


This same thing happened to me on my Windows7 machine.
The problem was that I 'lost' Java (JRE). Here is what I did:

  1. From this page: Verify Java version , I learned that Java wasn't installed
  2. I downloaded JRE from here: Download Java. You will need to figure out the right version for your machine.
  3. I ran the install.
  4. I started NetBeans. I got this error message:

    Cannot locate Java is specified jdkhome.

  5. Following advice from here: How to Fix NetBeans jdkhome error , I edited netbeans.conf to point to the new Java location.

  6. Everything's alright.


Try disabling compiz or running the following in a terminal and then launching netbeans from the same terminal:

export AWT_TOOLKIT=MToolkit

And what is your Java version?


Similar problem on version 7.2.1. I was able to restore my window to default settings without losing any other config by deleting directory ~/.netbeans/7.2.1/config/Windows2Local.

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