Ubuntu: Need to mount a drive before samba kicks in at boot. How to?


How do I make sure that a hard drive is mounted to a certain location before samba kicks in? I'd like to use the samba to share out the hard drive.


This sounds like the basic task of mounting drives in etc/fstab, which is fairly simple. This is where your other partitions are mounted, such as swap, /home if separate, etc.

This file is a simple text file that you edit using something like gedit or vim, such as sudo gedit /etc/fstab.

By the way, you don't really mount drives, you mount partitions (actually filesystems, but thinking of it as partitions is usually fine). Do you know how to use the mount command?


That should happen automatically. If it doesn't, just run sudo restart smbd to restart the samba daemon (after the drive is mounted).

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