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I had just installed Ubuntu 12.04 on my old Sony Vaio laptop. Specs are 4GB RAM, Core 2 Duo 1.53 Ghz and Geforce 9300m graphics.

I used the Windows installer to install Ubuntu to my laptop and i'm now using the Unity 2D.

Everything I do is lagging. Using Firefox, or even opening files. The laptop will just randomly lag or freeze. Is there anything that I can do or is it because of the Windows installer? Should I clear out my Windows and use solely Linux?

Or is my graphics or RAM being a problem, as I see some people can still run even only with 2GB of RAM.


Check addtional driver tab for drivers, install and test. Read here - How do I install additional drivers?

Ubuntu installed via wubi is always slow.

Since the whole ubuntu content is put in packaged format and stored in the hdd, a low speed HDD contributes more slowness to the system.

For using ubuntu you don't need to remove windows. You can perfectly dual boot it, jsut like you are doing with wubi.

If the system is slow, after trying both you can look for a lighter ubuntu based distro like lubuntu or xubuntu. Read more here - How do I find out which version and derivative of Ubuntu is right for my hardware in terms of minimal system requirements?

For installing ubuntu on a separate partition and dual boot with windows. First uninstall your wubi ubuntu. Defragment your C: drive, and follow this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=86KHkeBpsbA

Also There are innumerable tutorial in web to dual boot ubuntu and windows. Just search. If you face any problem, you are welcome here to ask a new question :)


if you are running unity 2d that means you are currently on software rendering mode.. and that's really slowwww and taxing on your cpu. first of all, install ubuntu as dual boot and ensure installation of your GPU drivers so that you can switch to unity 3d. the addtional drivers will help you out here. you can start it by typing additional in unity panel or by typing "jockey-gtk" command in the terminal....

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