Ubuntu: Mouse and keyboard freezes in lightdm [closed]


After last system update (week ago) I noticed that my mouse and keyboard freezes after boot-up, in the lightdm login screen for 1-2 minutes, so I can't move pointer or type my password.

Although, my personalized wallpaper appears, cursor in Password field blinks and notification about internet connection appears, so it's not the entire screen freeze.

After these 1-2 minutes, mouse and keyboard start working until next boot (I didn't noticed freeze after logout to lightdm login screen).

It's pretty annoying, so I will grateful for help.

I'm using Ubuntu 12.10 stable release and GRUB as bootloader. If you'll need more information about my software or hardware, ask.

Oh, and I've got wired keyboard and mouse, not wireless.


I have found a solution to my problem. All I've got to do was upgrading software with command:

$ sudo apt-get upgrade  

Now mouse and keyboard are working fine.

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