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Im using Microsoft windows operating system and i want to try the ubuntu but i want to ask :

  1. should all drivers will be installed ?
  2. can i used program like microsoft office ? and when i send it to windows it will work?
  3. does the ubuntu system faster then windows?
  4. can i install games programs ? on exe format? what the format used in ubuntu??
  5. does ubuntu have yahoo.skype.?



Short answers to your questions.

1) Most of them are pre-installed. Usually only graphics card drivers and/or wireless card drivers need to be installed after system installation.

2) You cannot use Microsoft Office in Ubuntu. You can use LibreOffice. Another Office suite - free and open source. Is not for sure that all formats are compatible vice versa.

3) Slightly faster to .. much faster, depends on your hardware and/or Ubuntu desktop environemnt.

4) Yes you can, but not natively. You have to use a program named wine. This program runs as an emulator for Windows. Not all programs run smoothly though. Ubuntu packages are in .deb format.

5) Yes. Skype has a natively Ubuntu package. You can find it in Ubuntu Software Center. And I think yahoo works good as well, why not ?

I guess that your generic Question(s) will be marked as too localized and probalby closed.

I suggest to start reading if you want to learn more. Start from here: Switching To Ubuntu From Windows


  1. Ubuntu will install all drivers by itself, no worries.
  2. I'm not sure if you can use Microsoft Office, but you can use LibreOffice - it's very similar software - and it's free!
  3. Oh yes, it's a lot faster! When I installed Ubuntu 13.04 insteed of Windows 7 - I saw really visible speed up in starting/shutting down computer for example.
  4. You can install most programs and games via PlayOnLinux. It's software that helps you install and play Windows-only programs. I'm using it to play my games from Steam account - works great!
  5. Yes, it have Skype.

Hope it helped!

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