Ubuntu: Merging Partitions


In an attempt to re-arrange/clean up the partitions on my dual boot laptop using gparted I seem to have run into a wall. Here is my current partition layout:

/dev/sda1 - 25G fat32 Windows Recovery partition
/dev/sda2 - 200G ntfs Windows 8 OS partition
/dev/sda4 - 100G ntfs empty partition
/dev/sda3 - 380G extended partition
--/dev/sda5 - 190G ntfs empty partition
--/dev/sda7 - 180G ext4 Ubuntu partition
--/dev/sda6 - 8G linux-swap

I want to merge sda4 and sda5 into one large partition that can be accessed from both OS's. I've been trying off the Ubuntu LiveCD GParted. When I try and delete or do anything with sda5 I get a 'Please unmount any logical partitions higher then 5' error.


For general information, it is easier to resize partitions when booting a live usb as you have unmount the partions before you resize them.

Once you boot a live CD/USB, the swap partition (with ubuntu) will mount automatically. Unmount it from within gparted or from the command line:

sudo swapoff -a  

You then have to do your resizing in steps. Probably easy to:

delete sda4 -> apply changes

make sda3 bigger -> apply changes

make sda5 larger -> apply changes

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