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I have ubuntu 12.04, and 2 languages on my keyboard. Every time the screen goes black it requires my password, which is in English. But the language set is the one I have used last. How can I make it use English by default in the login screen? I am also ok with no password, it is my home computer.


Disable password on startup

To disable asking for your password when booting your computer we can change the user settings from System Settings... - User Accounts (accessible from the menu in the top right corner when clicking on the cogwheel).

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  • To change user settings unlock first on the top right (your password will be asked).
  • Switch "Automatic Login" to ON as shown above.
  • On next reboot you will automatically log into your account without the need to enter a password (after a log out you will have to enter your password again to log in)
  • This menu is also the place to define a user's preferred language.

Disable password on screensaver lock

To disable this security feature open System Settings... - Brightness and Lock:

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  • Untick the option "Require my password when waking from suspend"


  • Only do this if your computer is in a secure place.
  • Leave at least one account type (your's) as "Administrator".
  • You password will still be asked on administrative tasks.
  • If you manually lock the screen using Ctrl + Alt + L you will still have to enter your password to unlock.


Havent tried output but I think you can try with something like this:


gksu gedit /etc/lightdm/lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf  

search for the line:

#show-language-selector=false         --(false or true)chose appropriate one for you  

Change it to:


Save and exit. Logout / Login or reboot the machine to apply the effect.


You can change the login keyboard preferences using System Settings, Region and Language, System tab:

enter image description here

Here you click Copy Settings. You should make sure that the current layout is english, otherwise you will stick with the previous layout. It will ask you for your password.

Once you have done this, log out and check if the settings are right.

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