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How to get Ubuntu installed after deleting Windows and with no other OS present?

I downloaded an image of 12.04 and I want to burn it onto a CD.

Apparently each time I boot to the 10.10 LiveCD and try to burn the image using the default application (Brasero disc burner), when I replace the LiveCD with the empty CD, the system freezes.

What do I need to do so the system doesn't freeze and lets me burn my image?


Tom is correct in that when using Ubuntu from a Live CD, you must keep the Ubuntu Live CD in the drive the entire time. You basically have two options:

1- If you have and can connect a second CD/DVD drive, you can run the Ubuntu Live CD from one drive and burn with the other.

2- Create a Live USB (again, as Tom mentioned).


There is a 3rd option, you could buy an official cd from Canonical http://shop.canonical.com/index.php?cPath=17


You were running Live CD, so removing that CD means, you were telling your computer to run Ubuntu from nothing!!!, which your computer simply can't. It needs the data from the Live CD.

This situation is somewhat similar to removing Windows installation disk while installation is running. Of course, the installation will be stopped or hanged.

More technically, the contents of Live CD's are not fully mapped or loaded into the RAM or Main memory (which you may have been assuming). The contents are loaded into memory as per requirements. For example, Gparted program will not load into the memory until you start it from the Live CD. This type of loading is called dynaming loading and is considered very essential.

I suggest you to save the downloaded iso file in another directoy in your PC or in the USB drive. (If you are using Live Ubuntu from USB and your USB has more space, you can save the iso file in that USB drive too. Though you need to be root to copy it)

Then transfer the file in another PC to burn the CD or if you have Windows, burn the CD with windows tools.

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