Ubuntu: Live CD boot/installation problem, blank screen - 12.04


I'm trying to install ubuntu-12.04-desktop-amd64 from my usb stick. When booting from usb I instantly get a blank screen (with a grey box at the left bottom)

I checked the live system with my laptop.works well except it also starts of with a black screen and a grey box at the bottom.

I figure the Problem is my geforce gtx 570 since older versions of Ubuntu where only able to boot with xforcevesa and nomodeset. Unfortunately I can't change the boot parameters.

I tried the alternate version for a text based install, but it has the same problem. If I press Esc in the alternate I get a message box with two buttons but no text.

I would be happy for any advice on this matter


Honestly, I would try a CD, if you don't have a CD Drive, (Rare, but it happens.) I would try redoing the the flashdrive with pendrive again. If still no luck, I would re-download the .iso... I myself have similar issues, so I'm trying Wubi again, and if you have Windows, if the CD or USB don't work, and nothing above works, try Wubi and I know it's not ideal, AFAIK support won't be available in the future but it could be an available option.


I have noticed a few problems with a usb install try burning a cd I always use a cd and have had no problems but could not get it to boot from usb

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