Ubuntu: LibreOffice Writer is very laggy in 13.10


I had to do a project in which involved using tables in Writer. It became extremely laggy to the point where I could no longer use it i.e stop responding. I'm running Ubuntu 13.10 and would appreciate any help on fixing this issue.


I have experienced LibreOffice Writer freezing or jumping around in both Ubuntu 12.04 and Windows XP. This answer addresses Ubuntu 12.04 as I am abandoning Windows for security reasons (CryptoLocker). I have resolved this problem in Ubuntu. I have no reason to suspect it is related to Java or any particular version of the powerful LibreOffice or OpenOffice. I am currently using this version of LibreOffice: / Build ID: 350m1 (Build:2). But the problem lies with the universal Linux kernel setting for swappiness and is easy to fix. Configure swappiness by editing /etc/sysctl.conf
Log into Terminal as administrator. Type: sudo gedit /etc/sysctl.conf
Add or reconfigure: vm.swappiness=100

Save. You are done. Reboot. Your work now loads from the HDD, not memory. There are no more conflicts resulting from file size or memory conflicts. This is a fix for serious work (such as my in-progress 1000+ page, profusely illustrated reference book). For faster speed, use a lower number or a faster computer. I am using an old Asus dual-core server reconfigured as a workstation. Hey, LibreOffice rocks!


I was also experiencing extreme lags even when typing a few words. Try removing the libreoffice-gnome package and see what happens. This seems to have improved it for me.

sudo apt-get remove libreoffice-gnome  


I don't have any problems in using LibreOffice Writer in Ubuntu 13.10.

However, you could also try WPS from Kingsoft.

It's a very cool office suite.

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