Ubuntu: libreoffice writer does not show “File”, “Edit”, etc. in standard toolbar/taskbar


It shows some of the captions like "Help".

I tried to uninstall using sudo apt-get purge libreoffice* and then reinstall first using command prompt and then using ubuntu software centre. It did not work. Now I have uninstalled it. But this is a very important software as Abiword cannot work with .docx as efficiently as libreoffice.

Problem started when I tried to install themes and icons with noobslab.com and removed the theme and icons afterwards along with gnome tweak tool. I also cleaned the computer with gnome tweak tool's janitor.

Please Help!


Did you tried to delete configuration folder on your home directory? It persists even when you uninstall.

Complete path is:


where $USER is your account name

Try to delete that folder and reinstall.

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