Ubuntu: LibreOffice Resolution Problem


This morning I upgraded to 13.04 from 12.10. Everything seemed to be working fine until I checked LibreOffice and something had gone funny with the visuals (and Gnome integration? My knowledge of Ubuntu is pretty limited).

The problem is the extra 'border' around the top and right side, which basically bugs the hell out (including the scrollbar, not visible below), showing whatever was on that part of the screen when LibreOffice was opened and stopping the window maximising properly. Resolution is 1024x600 (Acer Aspire One notebook).

I can try to answer any further questions, quite hard to accurately describe the problem.

enter image description here


I had exactly the same issue and found the solution here.

Installing libreoffice-gtk with Synaptic Package Manager and restarting LibreOffice solved the problem for me.

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