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I'm using Ubuntu 12.04. If I switch on "Auto-hide launcher", it hides but does not reveal with the pointer, and only comes back on switching off auto-hide.


Thanks to "Warrioring 64". I found my solution in replies to BUG 9894477. Launcher reappears:-

  1. By pressing Alt+F1
  2. By pressing super key.
  3. By striking the left side with the pointer 3/4 times quickly.
  4. By moving your pointer towards the left end and when you reach the left end, don't stop and just keep moving left (as if you're trying to push the mouse out of the screen).


Could it be this bug?

Install CompizConfig Settings Manager Install compizconfig-settings-manager and start CCSM. Edit Ubuntu Unity Plugin and inside the Experimental Tab set Launcher Reveal Pressure to "1" (instead of "20" - default).

enter image description here

But be aware: CCSM is an advanced tool. Use with caution. This tool allows you to deeply configure Compiz's settings. Some options may be incompatible with each other. Unless used with care, it is possible to be left with an unusable desktop.


With Ubuntu 12.04, my launcher stopped revealing when I pushed my mouse to the left side of the screen. This happened after I changed several CompizConfig Settings Manager settings to completely resolve a "sticky-edges" problem among multiple displays.

The problem was that I had set the "edge stop velocity" to 1. After I returned this value to its default (65), my launcher behaved normally again. The edge stop velocity description reads, "The maximum velocity at which the mouse will be stopped," so I think my launcher wasn't revealing because my pointer was always moving to fast to register as a "stop" on the left side of the screen. Whatever the reason, play with this value if the launcher isn't popping up and everything else seems normal.


Go to System Setting --> Appearance --> Behavior

Now you can enable/disable auto-hide and Reveal Sensitivity.


I had this problem too. Go to System Settings > 'Appearance'. Select the tab 'Behaviour' and switch OFF the fade out function.

Alternatively adjust the sensibility of the reveal. The higher the bar, the faster you have to scroll to the side to let the Launcher appear.


Well i faced this problem too...The solution I followed??

This might not be the exact solution you want but if nothing else works,you may use this-

I loved the dodge window feature more...I brought it back through compiz...

If you also like it or wish to add and use it, do the following-

  1. Install CompizConfigurationManager via the SoftwareCenter if you do not have it

  2. enter the following commands in the terminal one by one-

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ikarosdev/unity-revamped      sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade  

You will find the feature in the "Ubuntu Unity Plugin" option.





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