Ubuntu: Keyboard freezes / stuck if a key pressed repeatedly


I use Acer 4530.

This problem has happened long since Ubuntu 10.10 and now that I use 11.04 dual booted with Linux Mint 10. Everytime I press one key repeatedly, like when I read a long article in a website/ebook or when I play games which required me to press arrow keys repeatedly, it would randomly freeze. That is, whatever I press on keyboard has no effect, and that also happens with touchpad. However, the USB mouse works just fine. I later found out that it's not actually freeze but more like it's like the key stuck. For example when I play tetris which I usually press w (down) button repeatedly, after some times it would freeze. And if I put the cursor in, say, browser's address bar, it would type "wwww....." infinitely.

The only way I could fix it is by suspend the laptop, either by using mouse or by closing the lid. And instead of suspended, in that case the laptop would automatically wake up and everything will be fine. (Usually my laptop would wake up after suspended by pressing any key)

It has happened since the first time I use Ubuntu, 10.10, and it also happens in Linux Mint 10, and until now in Ubuntu 11.04. It never happened when I use Windows, though. Anyone has ever encounter similar problem? Anyone know how to fix it permanently?


I just recently installed Windows 7 and Windows 8 Development Preview and both have similar symptoms. So I declare that this problem is not OS specific, probably hardware problem.


Use the folling command in terminal to set the keyboard repeat rate and delay time to whatever works for you.

kbdrate [ -r rate ] [ -d delay ]  

For example, use the following command if you want to set the repeat rate at 20 characters per second and 500 millisecond delay time.

sudo kbdrate -r 20 -d 500  

Test out few other numbers for "-r" and "-d" to find values that work for you.

To make the values stick at every login:

gksudo gedit /etc/rc.local  

And at the end of that file add:

kbdrate -r 20 -d 500  

Save the file and restart your machine.



I had the same issue. I resolved it by turning off the bounce key feature. It's in setting-->universal access


I also had the same issue, and this fixed it for me, but then you lose something too:

Settings â†' Keyboard â†' Turn off Repeat keys

Though now you can't hold a key for a bunch of letters, it should help.


The problem lies in UNIVERSAL ACCESS --> TYPING The feature BOUNCE KEYS it is meant to ignore fast duplicate key presses.

Just turn it off and it will work perfect

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