Ubuntu: Issue with dependencies when trying to install Wine and Synaptic


I am running 12.04 ubuntu on a dual-boot with win 7 and i have been trying to install Wine however I had a bunch of dependency issues.

So I then tried using Synaptic which will not install either because of similar dependency issues like libc6.

I then searched for them in the software center some were already installed others had not because of other dependencies on top of other dependencies.

I am trying to understand why I am getting these errors? How can I just download the program without all of these loops?


Try to install using a terminal it should resolve any dependency automatically.

Just type sudo apt-get install wine.

Hope this helps.


Type in terminal

sudo apt-get autoremove  sudo apt-get remove wine synaptic  sudo dpkg -P wine  sudo dpkg -P synaptic  sudo apt-get install wine synaptic  

Here's what each command does:

  1. Removes broken packages.
  2. Removes wine.
  3. Removes configuration files, so wine will be totally gone from your system.
  4. Removes configuration files for synaptic, so it will be gone too.
  5. Installs wine and synaptic again on your system.

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