Ubuntu: Is there a way to prevent alt-tab from raising all windows of an application?


I have several gvim windows open and one Firefox window. Using Alt-Tab to switch to Firefox works as expected. Using it to go back to gvim does return focus to the gvim window I wanted to write in, but it also raises all other gvim windows (on the current virtual desktop) above the Firefox window.

Is there a way to reconfigure window switching so that all irrelevant gvim windows are left alone and I am able to switch between Firefox and a selected gvim window only?

I use Ubuntu 11.10 on the machine in question.


You can use another trick to solve your prob minimize all windows that are idle to you. Then on the panel you can click the middle button of the the mouse that would switch between the two windows that are not idle


If you have multiple windows open of a particular program, they will be grouped in single icon when you use Alt+Tab, as shown below. I have 3 LibreOffice Writer windows open, but they are grouped in a single icon:

Showing 3 LibreOffice Writer windows grouped into one

If you go to the LibreOffice icon and then press Alt+backtick (backtick = , the key above tab), you see the preview of all the windows. You just have to keep pressingAlt+backtick` unless it points to the window you want to open.

Expanded view of the windows

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