Ubuntu: Is there a standalone version of soapUI for Linux?


I want to run soapUI on Ubuntu 11.10. If I am not able to install via the package manager, I'd prefer not to install at all, and instead run as a standalone application. Looking at the soapUI download page I can't figure out which download (if any) fulfills this criterion?

  • soapui-4.5.0-Beta1-linux-bin.zip
  • soapUI-x32-4_5_0-Beta1.sh

I'm guessing "bin" but I don't know for sure. Any clues?


Download the zip file. Then you just unzip the files into a directory somewhere. There is a sh file - you just need to make it executable and run that - from memory.

unzip soapui-*.zip  cd soapui-4.5.0-Beta1/bin/  chmod +x soapui.sh  ./soapui.sh  


Unfortunatelly, there is no repository to be added to the sources, so SOAPUI cannot be installed through apt-get or Ubuntu package management. Some description is on https://www.soapui.org/getting-started/installing-soapui/installing-on-linux-or-unix.html . Resolution given by Trent is only option, but in reality, currently you should download just .sh file (linux installer) from https://www.soapui.org/downloads/latest-release.html which has cca 130+MB and try following commands for 64bit:

$ sudo chmod +x SoapUI-x64-5.3.0.sh  $ ./SoapUI-x64-5.3.0.sh  

or 32 bit:

$ sudo chmod +x SoapUI-x32-5.3.0.sh  $ ./SoapUI-x32-5.3.0.sh  

(* scripts updated to version 5.3.0

Replace the name of the file according the downloaded version of the SOAP UI. Enjoy your testing!


On a 64 bit operating system, use the zip file installer. The shell installer includes a 32 bit jvm.


Supposing that you don't have a GUI in your installation you can try from the command line simply using wget to download Linux tarball:

$ wget http://cdn01.downloads.smartbear.com/soapui/5.3.0/SoapUI-5.3.0-linux-bin.tar.gz#_ga=1.12126836.1387731986.143408962  

Then ungzip and untar the download archive:

$ gunzip SoapUI-5.3.0-linux-bin.tar.gz  $ tar xvf SoapUI-5.3.0-linux-bin.tar  

Now instead of start the UI of SOAPUI using SOAPUI_HOME/bin/soapui.sh you can use SOAPUI/bin/testrunner.sh to run your projects without the UI.

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