Ubuntu: Is there an anonymous proxy application for Ubuntu?


I've been digging around to find a proxy application something like proxifier in windows but cannot find any thing! and then tried to configure the system wide proxy setting in network section of Ubuntu’s system setting and I configure the proxy setting but it seems it does not apply anything...

here is my questions :

Is there any proxy application to use like proxifier in windows!?

If there is no proxy application how can I configure system's proxy setting manually!?

thanks in advance


"Proxifier" for Windows seems like an anonymous proxy/VPN-type-thing.

On Ubuntu then, you want Tor.

Get the Tor Bundle at https://www.torproject.org/download/download


I noticed someone commented on this thread, though this is an old question, but thought maybe it's good to share my accomplishments.

After sometime i found kerio application and i have been using this application for quite sometime, and it is awesome!! It does NOT lower down your connection speed and in general it is just perfect, It's client is free and i used it in both windows and linux(ubuntu) and it is just perfect.

By it self it does not provide vpn account free, after you setup the kerio you need to buy a kerio vpn account, can be found easily on internet. then if your vpn account provider has good servers, you would be 100% happy with results.

You can find setup instruction here.

I hope that help.


Try ProxyChains. It powers any TCP connection to follow through proxy (or proxy chain). It is a kind of proxifier. To install it, first Download it, and then press Ctrl+Alt+T on your keyboard to open Terminal. When it opens: Navigate to the folder where the file downloaded,

cd download loacation    sudo dpkg -i proxychains_3.1-3_all.deb  

or you can get it from USC


use zenmate it's a google chrome extension

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