Ubuntu: Is it possible to move free space from Ubuntu partition to Windows, when Windows is located before Ubuntu?


I have Windows partition sda2 and then, next to it, extended partition with Ubuntu sda6. Can I reallocate some of Ubuntu's free space to sda2? I know I can boot from liveCD GParted and cut some GB from sda6, but then the unallocated space will be after sda6 and not before, am I right?

Is it possible to add the unallocated space to sda2 or merge it, if not possible due to partitions position? From the screenshot, it looks like that space can be stuck in the middle of the extended partition:

enter image description here


Yeah GParted should be able to handle that. You'll obviously need to do that from an offline state though (By that I mean from a LiveCD/USB session).

  1. Shrink sda6 (ext4).
  2. Move sda6 (ext4) right.
  3. Shrink sd4 (extended).
  4. Grow sda2 (ntfs).

Gparted should work out most of that for you but that's what I'd expect it to do. Only the move operations will take any significant time.

Oh and you'll need to make sure you've shut Windows down properly or it won't be able to edit the NTFS partition.

It's possible (though a small possibility in this case) that moving the disk partitions will alter their sdax assignment. This shouldn't be an issue these days (with grub and fstab using uuids) but you should be aware that this can be a problem. It's easily fixable from a LiveCD so don't panic if doing this stops Ubuntu from booting.

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