Ubuntu: Is 12.04 really stable? [closed]


I left windows and came to Ubuntu for just 1 reason: stable system.

I know I am new to Ubuntu but what I understand about stability is whatever happened in application never should hangs the whole system

so yesterday I was facing issue with VirtualBox so when I run the win7 system I got my real Ubuntu 12.04 system totally hang (no control at all) - I already solved this but I am not happy as I didn't got any solution but just press the power button for like 12 sec. (so any suggestions about what to do when face something like that in Ubuntu?)

Today I noticed that when I came to plug out my USB headphone+mic I got black screen with a lot of statements and nothing to do (any advice?)

One of those statements was: Kernel panic - not syncing; fatel exception in interrupt

Please advice, and let me know if I need to re-install my ubuntu system as I played a lot in this copy like trying to install all stuff like GNOME, xface, Lubuntu, and so forth.


Stability depends on three things

  1. Your hardware (its quality and how well it is supported)
  2. The operating system (Ubuntu in this case)
  3. The user (that is you)

If you want to you can share the data about your hardware. My guess, however, is that your instability has (at least in part) to do with you as a user. Don't get me wrong, but if you say you experiment installing lots of stuff, you use a VM and more then you should be willing to learn how to use the system. Learn about commands like top, about keystrokes like Ctrl+Alt+F1. and Ctrl+Alt+F7., and learn how to keep your system clean.

I think you should check whether your hardware is compatible and reinstall.

Note: It is very common for new users to point-and-install as they did in windows, but Ubuntu is a powerful system which gives you great control. You should not just blindly point-and-install whatever you find (even though it is tempting).

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