Ubuntu: Integration of a tag based file system approach in Gnome and Nautilus


I am using Gnome 3.8 and Nautilus and I am quite satisfied in principle. Yet I dislike the traditional hierarchical file system approach using paths. It may be me but I often cannot find the files I am looking for in a short period of time. Thus I would like to transition to a tag based file system.

Now I am curious. Are there any tag based approaches, programs that do integrate neatly into Nautilus and Gnome?

With which one did you have good experiences?


I've found tmsu to be the best, it can be found here:


It doesn't integrate into Nautilus as such but as it uses a FUSE filesystem, it can be browsed from any file manager or even on the commandline.


As far as I know, there is a nice file system level solution to your need called NHFS or nonhierarchical file system. Also available a FUSE based mountable file system called TMSU that may satisfy you. Since these tow are solving your problem in a file system level, they are fully compatible to Gnome and Nautilus.


Have a look at Tagsistant It's also a file system solution


Also if you are looking for a program such as a collection manager, and not a file system; best open source working solution in Ubuntu I can introduce is tagspaces. It seats independently besides nautilus, no integration at the moment.


for a cross platform file tagging solution I can recommend TagSpaces

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