Ubuntu: Installed Ubuntu 12.04 and no Menu on boot!


I had installed Ubuntu 12.04 on a separate partition, in ext4 format in my comp, which initially had only Windows 7. I had done the installation from a Live USB, which gave me the option Install on boot, in a GRUB menu.

I had chosen the option of "Installing Ubuntu alongside Windows". I had chosen the particular partition during the install, and in mount part, I had given /.

And I chose my only hard disk drive as the location to install the bootloader. The whole install process was over, and I was asked to restart, and while doing to it asked me to remove my installation media, which in my case was a Live USB.

I acted accordingly and removed it. While booting however, it booted directly in Windows, and no menu or option came for me to choose from both.


Maybe there is a Windows recovery environment (just maybe) and you chose that place as the place to install GBUB.

Whatever reason, follow these steps to restore GRUB.

Keep in mind that it doesn't overwrite the MBR, instead it adds a GRUB entry to the windows Bootloader.


  1. Download Easybcd here. It's a tool that can edit the windows bootloader and it is a very popular program along Windows-Ubuntu users.
  2. Open EasyBCD.
  3. Go to "Add new entry"> Linux/BSD and then select GRUB2 from the dropdown menu. Name the entry whatever you want, like "I love linux" or "Ubuntu GRUB".

enter image description here

That's it! You should see a GRUB entry in the Windows boot menu when you reboot. Select it and choose "Ubuntu generic . . . . . .pae" from the GRUB menu(if the installation failed then you might not see it).

Good Luck!


It worked for me. I had installed Ubuntu 12.04 alongside Windows 7. But in boot menu there was just Windows 7. By using easyBCD I have it solved and now I have Ubuntu in boot menu. Notice that I wrote Ubuntu 12.04 instead of Ubuntu 10.04 which is seen above.


My bad. I had downloaded the 64 bit version, since I had an x64 Windows OS. But then I tried the i386 32-bit one, and it is working perfectly. I thank you all for your help.


You can also create GRUB Boot Menu entry using Boot Repair.
Prepare a Live boot USB or CD. Live Boot your computer. Instead of Installing Ubuntu, Select Try Ubuntu. When Ubuntu OS boots up and ready for use. Go Terminal, Type the following commands.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:yannubuntu/boot-repair
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install -y boot-repair && boot-repair

Once installation is finished. Type boot-repair.
You will get the window like this.

enter image description here

Click Recommended Repair. It will create all Boot Menu entries.
For more details,visit Boot Repair.

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