Ubuntu: Installed mupen64plus package, but can't see it anywhere


I installed mupen64plus using this command: apt-get install mupen64plus, then I tried to run it from the command line, but it didn't found the executable. Then I tried to look it up in xfce's list of program, and it didn't appear in the list. I also followed the instructions from the first answer of this question: How do I install mupen64plus? and not luck either.

The package (https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/applications/mupen64plus/) is installed, but it says in the software center that it only takes 37kb of disk space (which is ridiculous).

Does somebody knows where is the problem? Thanks.


In my software center it says that it takes 1,6 MB for download and 6,2 MB for install.

Type Alt+F2 and search for it to see that is there. To use in a terminal try:

./mupen64plus ./m64p_test_rom.v64  

You can find here some documentation about this plugin.



I was able to play the game with the mupen64plus software. So I installed it like you did:

apt-get install mupen64plus  

then I download the rom game for n64 (for example Zelda). In the terminal, I unzipped the game and placed it to specific file where all my N64 games are.


unzip Zelda.zip   mv Zelda.n64 ROMS/N64  

the on the N64 file I did:

mupen64plus Zelda.n64  

and it opened the software with the game itself.

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