Ubuntu: Installation to external hard drive - not booting


I have the same problem as Why does my external hard drive not boot

I tried all suggested solutions on the web even I removed the internal hard drive and I let the installation use all the external hard drive size to install it but it still not able to boot.

laptop: emachine e730* core i3 external hard drive: Apacer 1TB AC233 USB3.0 Portable External


If you installed Ubuntu by using the real installer, you just need to install GRUB on the internal drive. If you've used the USB-installer, you need to look in the BIOS.


Not all external HDD can be used to boot operative systems. This is a sad truth I had to uncover with my external 500GB Iomega HDD, that requires a power connection. If your external HDD also requires a separate power connection, then it probably won't work.

Another important thing is the interface it uses to communicate with the machine, it should be USB.

PS: I just saw images of your HDD! online, so unless I got the wrong pictures, I believe it should be able to boot an operative system. Looks like the BIOS theory is better.

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