Ubuntu: Install Ubuntu on Macbook Air 6,2


I have tried to install Ubuntu on a Macbook Air 6,2 without any success.

I installed refit and from within macos deceased the mac partition. In order to create a boot medium, I followed the section "Manual Approach" in this guide. Newer Ubuntu images do not boot all the way, which I am relating to this bug.

The only image I tried that booted all the way is 12.04. However, in the installation process, I could not manage to proceed past the following dialogue:

Preparing to Install Ubuntu

After a few moments, instead of the expected next dialogue window, the following is displayed:

some console output

and then nothing changes.

Is this even related to the Kernel bug, or how do I find out? How am i supposed to proceed? Has anyone successfully installed Ubuntu on a Macbook Air 6,2 ?


I have successfully installed 12.04 on my MacBook Air 6,2 following this this guide.

I have installed reFind rather than reFit.


so after you clicked continue (from the first image) if that (second image) is what you see .. then its probably that you downloaded a bad ISO file .. try re downloading Ubuntu from the official webpage ..


and you could follow this tutorial .that is how i installed ubuntu on my MBA 6,2 . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vKrFiJH0UHc

  • make sure you download 64-bit version
  • i've tried 14.04 as well as 15.10 .. both installed fine ..

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